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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST
10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

Natural Play Dough - 4 Colours

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How we love play dough!! We are commited to providing a tech free open play environment to children and play dough is one of the best tools there is.

These play doughs are 100% natural made using flour, natural colours, oil and essential oils, ensuring a safe and happy play time. Please use it to squish and squash and improve the sensory and fine motor skills of your baby!

Sensory play

Guess the smell: Ask your little one what does the smell remind them of - fruity, lemony, herb?. Can they find things which smell the same around the house.

Colours: What colours are these. Can you find other things which are the same colour

Touch: How does it feel. Is it soft. Has it grown hard. Knead it with a little water and does it become smoother.

Weight-size-big-small activities.: Make every small big, long short variations so they can understand comparitive sizes and weights. Am i long short heavy light big small?

Trace the alphabet: Encourage the child to trace the alphabet using the dough. Let them poke it and play with it along the alphabet

Number games: Simple addition and subtraction can be taught effortlessly through these.

Treasure hunt: Hide a pebble or a marble or a coin and encourage them to dig in and find it

3D structures: Help them erect 3d structures using these with toothpicks and earbuds

Pretend play: Kitchen Kitchen , picnic sets, the possibilities are end;less for pretend play here.

CONTAINS: 4 cans of Play dough - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue  - 200gms each.


2+ years


Flour, natural colours, oil and essential oils.


The dough is safe but is not meant for consumption

Please store these in airtight containers or refridgerate them.

If it turns dry, please knead them with a little oil of your choice and they should be as good as new!


Made in India


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