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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

Puzzler's Mansion | Quiet Book

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Puzzler's Mansion Quiet Book is A Puzzle Themed Quiet Book/Soft Book for Kids who just love solving Puzzles. 

Size:  22*22 cm (approx)

Pages: 8 Pages Activity Book Including Cover and Back Page.

Cover Page- This page has 2 Parts Zigsaw Puzzle.

1st Page- Tic-Tac-Toe- This is the most loved Game by Kids and Adults too.  This Game prepares Kids for more complex games because it helps Kids think of multiple things at once. It helps children apply their logic and develop strategy at an early age. This also Helps in Hand Eye Coordination and improving Fine Motor Skills.

How To play Tic-Tac-Toe

This Game Needs 2 Players and each one have to Choose their Shape first. Players take turns putting their shape in empty squares.

The first player to get 3 of his/her shape in a row, Column or diagonally is the winner.

2nd Page- TetrisGet the puzzle pieces all back together on the Page and create a variety of graphics. Each Piece is attachable/detachable because each part of the puzzle has Velcro at the back. This Help strengthen kids' spatial imagination and color cognitive ability. {Solution of the Tetris Game have been Given with the Book} 

3rd Page- Shape Sudoku- This is 4*4 Sudoku Puzzle. They can Play on its own. 9 of the different Puzzles card are given with Book. Using the Cards, they will have to Complete the Squares.  

The only rule is to Complete the Sudoku puzzle making sure no shape is repeated in a row, a column or a square.

4th Page- Tangram - Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes. Use These shapes and Make any object which Comes in Mind like They can Create mountain, Fish, robot, airplane etc., which brings challenging and endless joy with kids. This helps in Building Vocabulary and Imagination. This Puzzle comes with 12 easy cards and 12 shape outline Cards {challenging}. 

5th Page- Matching Circle - This Puzzle has 9 tiles and each side of the tile has 4 Different Color Half Circles. The challenge of the game is to Match the Same color Half Circles with their another Halves.

6th Page- Memory game- Memory Game improves memory, concentration, accuracy, attention, the speed of thinking and logic skills and much more.

How to Play Memory Game

  1. Mix up the tiles , Check and remember the different Buttons on the tiles and Keep them in rows, Face down.
  2. Turn over any two tiles and if they matches, keep them or if don't, turn them back.
  3. Play till all the Tiles matches. 

This can be Played by one Player or Two or More. 

Back Page- The last but Not the least, This has a zipper To keep the loose parts or Paper Puzzle Cards.