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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST
What is baby Swaddle

What is baby Swaddle

What is a baby Swaddle? | Benefits of Swaddling

With all the emotional explosion of being a parent and feeling the tender fingers of your baby, there also comes a million doubts about taking care and understanding your child's needs. Tucking up and snugly wrapping your baby tight so that their little body can sustain enough heat is an ancient practice followed by mothers. Swaddling now holds recognition as an art form, one skill that you need to practice if you are in the phase of early parenting. Soft and warm baby swaddles might help you get enough sleep and keep your baby safe and secure all through the night. It is one of the most efficient practices that can soothe a baby and calm them to a gentle sleep. 

Many of you have wondered whether swaddles are essential or not to settle a baby. Yet, even some are unaware of the benefits of swaddle wraps. Tiny Rabbit is here to unpack the little secrets behind the importance of swaddling. 

Acts as a mini womb 

Baby swaddle resembles the mother's womb. Since your tiny tots are brand new to this world, they need time to adapt to the exterior landscape. In addition, climate and temperature variations can cause irritation and hostility that can impact their sleep and moods. In this case, swaddle wrap can create a cosy atmosphere that mimics the interiors of a mother's belly. This aspect stimulates a sense of reassurance and makes the transition easier. Hence it is a mini sanctuary that provides them comfort and support. 

A gentle touch 

Swaddle wraps are soft and supple for a reason. It creates a touching effect that could help the baby to soothe themselves to sleep. Touch is one of the earliest sensations of a child. It has proven neurological effects like it triggers the grasp reflex of the child. Baby swaddle creates a comforting ambiance of parental presence that could help the child to calm his brain, stabilize heart and blood pressure. It reduces anxiety and aids in self-soothing. Moreover, the child

interprets this touching sensation as the mother's touch that will subsequently increase the bond between the child and the mother. Studies in Kangaroos have proven that touch helps babies' breathing and makes them feel protected within that enclosed space. 


Protects from startle reflex 

Swaddles can guard your baby against natural startle reflexes. Moro reflex is an involuntary motor reflex triggered by a loud noise or even the baby's cry. It can also be caused by an abrupt shifting of the head or falls backward and fast moments. The baby brings his leg and hands dramatically together at a rapid speed. Swaddle wrap can act as the covering shield that takes away these fake illusions and make the baby feel safe inside the warmth of thick cloth. 


Control temperature

Since babies are developmentally incapable of controlling the temperature on their own, parents need to ensure that the baby rooms are at the ideal temperature. You may think that a cooling effect is a big no, but in reality, a baby needs a little cold and enough heat to maintain its body temperature. Quality baby swaddle provides a breathable material that creates a natural temperature regulating mechanism. In addition, you need to avoid double swaddling due to overheating problems, as the swaddle wrap is enough to make them feel warm and secure. 


Happier babies 

Baby swaddle help babies understand the time to nap and bedtime. It often gets associated with positivity that helps them to prepare for a good sleep. It makes them feel closer to the mother and assists in relaxation. Swaddle wraps can make them shut from the outside world and stay toasty inside. This feature gives them a deeper sleep cycle and imitates your company. 


Alleviate colic 

Is your baby crying and fussy all night? Baby swaddle may help them sleep tight. However, handling a colicky baby is not easy. Their unstop crying can cost you sleep and makes you feel helpless. This experience happens when your baby has intestinal pain or stomach irritation. Swaddle and keep them on their back to create a therapeutic effect that could ease their exasperations and give them instant relief. 

The benefits of swaddling never end here. Baby swaddle keeps their hands off their face, thus preventing involuntary scratching while sleeping. Parents should employ high-quality swaddle blankets to make their munchkin irritation-free and prevent restlessness. 


Top-quality swaddle wraps are awaiting you at Tiny Rabbit!

Tiny Rabbit gives you premium quality muslin swaddle wraps that are extremely fine and smoothly woven to make them feel snuggly and comfy. Muslin is the best material for sensitive baby skin that protects moisture and prevents dryness. This extremely soft and breathable material is an ideal and safest option for baby blankets and swaddles warps.

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