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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST
10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

Newborn Uno - Baby Hearts

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SuperBottoms UNO diapers offer the best of disposable diapers and traditional cloth nappies. It is skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and economical and is the best for babies.

The dry feel pad is lined with a high-quality stay-dry fabric that keeps baby skin dry even if baby urinates on it and a waterproof TPU lining at the bottom which prevents the outer shell from getting wet when the baby has peed. 

Multi-size Waterproof Outer + Dry Feel Pad (Newborn size) with 8 layers of GOTS

Certified 100% Organic Cotton with a SuperDryFeel™ layer on top.

This will last upto 3-4 hours.

Once a the pad is full, you can simply replace it with a fresh pad!


STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast once before use using detergent.Skipping this step CAN CAUSE leaks.

STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the front panel of snaps. There are 6 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh. A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.

STEP 3: Place 1 soaker and fasten it using snaps onto the cover. IF the cover is reduced in size, FOLD the soaker also to fit in. **The soaker must lie FLAT on the diaper properly** The entire diaper and soakers are completely washable and reusable.


0-6 Months


1- Reusable and washable diapers 300+ times.

2- Stay dry and Waterproof- Keeps baby's skin dry.

3- SuperBottoms is India's first tested and certified cloth diaper brand (as per us standards)


100% organic cotton pads with TPU lined Waterproof Outer


CPSIA certified


Made in India