Flash & Fact Cards - Imaginary Creatures

Flash & Fact Cards - Imaginary Creatures

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A vivid imagination is a child‰۪s superpower. Ignite your child‰۪s mind with our ‰Û÷Imaginary Creatures‰۪ Cards crafted and curated from folklore around the world.

  • They‰۪ll meet fire-breathing dragons, resurrected zombies, and notorious gremlins and you‰۪ll see how much fun they have on their quick escape from the drudgery of reality.
  • Who needs to learn E for Elephant, when in our flight of Fantasy, E could conjure a tip-toeing elf? This box contains 26 double sided cards featuring imaginary creatures beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Every card has a colourful illustration with the name of the creature on one side, and the letter in upper and lower cased with a brief description on the other.

26 cards; Ideal for Gifting; Original Illustrations

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Made in India


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