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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

English Activity Binder

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This English binder is meant for kids in Early Year Learning stages. It has following activity pages. Child will learn to identify correct sequences of letter, words . Learn about concepts of antonyms, nouns and verbs in play way using our sorting pages. Several important concepts are covered in this binder book. List of topics included are : Alphabet Order – To begin please use it to teach child small and capital alphabets. Later to arrange a jumbled set in alphabetical order. Post this you can use it to practice fill the missing alphabets exercise. Put in ABC order – There are total 30 words and 2 pages. Jumble the words and then have child arrange in alphabetical order. Each time you can give a different set for child to solve. . Beginning letter Sound – Match alphabet sound with start sound of picture . Say the word loudly and let child correlate the beginning sound with an alphabet. CVC picture to word match - Introduce kids to simple word formation using these CVC words. Its matching activity where spelling is matched with a picture. Nouns & Verbs sort – As the name states this is a sorting activity , to begin you should shuffle the picture of Nouns and verbs and help kids identify which picture are verbs and which are nouns and help put these in respective columns. Later you can increase the complexity by mixing picture cards in a bowl and let child pick one card identify its type and stick it in correct column. Singular and Plural- This is a fun activity for beginners as they can choose singular and plural form by just looking at picture. Once child is well conversed with basic picture sorting, you can proceed with explaining different plural forms like – Apple – Apples, Box – Boxes and Leaf – leaves.Antonym Match up – Again a fun activity, initially child can sort by just looking at pictures . Later read the words on picture card and help them understand the opposite word too. What Rhymes – Use this when child has started reading 3 letter words or starts saying words by just looking at pictures. Read aloud the picture card from page and then help pick the right matching card from set of rhyming words sticking cards. Pronouns – 3 pages of pronoun for child to practise using appropriate pronoun in a sentence. Additional pronoun cut-outs are also provided with the book. What Rhymes– There are so many words cut-outs in the book, these can also be used to practise rhyming words. For example RAT- BAT. PAT, MAT,CAT etc. You can try and make several such combination from word cut-outs provided in the book. Word Anagram - Make a word spelling and ask child to rearrange to form a new word. Make a jumbled spelling and have your little one form a meaningful word with it. Do note since this is in binder format you can add and remove pages easily and focus on only those topics that you wish to teach.


3-4 Years, 4-5 Years, 5-6 Years, 6-7 Years, 7-8 Years, 8-9 Years, 9-10 Years




Fine motor skills, Language skills

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