Ebby - Chapter Book

Ebby - Chapter Book

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About the book: The Ebons made the best grandfather clocks in the town of Nimish . . . They were such excellent makers of grandfather clocks that they became richer and richer as the years went by . . . Yet, the eighth Father Ebon, the present head of the family, was unhappy. Ebby, the daughter of the eighth Father Ebon, is adept at a lot of things. But she wishes she could put an end to her father’s sadness, and wonders how she could help. Until one day, she stumbles upon a treasure! Could it lift Father Ebon out of his gloom? Poile Sengupta narrates this fascinating story with emotion, enthusiasm, and a dash of drama.

Age Guidance:

8-9 Years,9-10 Years,10-11 Years,11-12 Years,12-13 Years,13-14 Years,14-15 Years

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Skills (select one or many. Add others if needed):

Fine motor skills,Language skills

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