Montessori Sensory Block

Montessori Sensory Block

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Fabric baby block. Special baby play cube. Teething ring.

An essential sensory toy for baby and toddler to teach him handling and develop fine-motor skills. Your baby can handle this fabric cube safely as it is without small removable parts.

  • The baby will be attracted to the high-contrast B&W colors and patterns in the cube to help strengthen vision and develop his/her motor skills and coordination.
  • Older toddlers can take it with them everywhere. This fun cube has everything to stimulate the senses of a toddler:
  • Different materials for sensory effect. Many taggies.
  • Wooden teething ring and beads.

This funny and cute cube can be hanged in bed, stroller, or car seat and can be manipulated safely by babies.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 inches


0 - 36 Months


100% cotton, fibre