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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST
10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

Newborn Essentials

Newborn Baby Wardrobe Essentials – For new moms:


Swaddles –

Preferably Organic Muslin Swaddles – 2 (47” X 47” Organic Muslin Swaddles for easy wrapping, light weighed, breathable, keeps your baby warm and comfortable), 1 (36” X 36” Organic Muslin Swaddle for easy wrapping, easy wiping, light weighed, easy to carry)

Burp Cloth – (5 Cloths)

Burp Cloths (Preferably Organic Muslin Burp Cloths which are extra soft that prevents your baby from rashes and keeps him/her very comfortable). You use it very often all through upto 6 months, so be extra choosy in taking supersoft burp cloths.

2 Sizes – 18” X 6” (3 Numbers) and 12” X 6” (3 Numbers)

Napkins – (5 Napkins)

These are tiny cloths that you can carry to keep your baby dry from spitting. Make sure of using very preferably use organic cloths with kids friendly colours.

Onesies – (5 in Number)

These are easy wearables for your kids. Make sure these are very soft and made of kids friendly colours. You can wear these at home or for quick outing until 1.5 Years.


Sleep & Play or Body Suits – (3-4 Body Suits)

These are very useful apparel for your kids. These helps in covering until feet keeps your baby extra warm and helps your baby keep away from tiny insects or to an extent mosquitoes. Baby will be comfortable sleeping in these suits. Prefer taking the one with more buttons that helps in easy opening and changing.


Mittens – (5 Pairs)

Mittens come very handy and are very essentials for newborn’s. Prefer the mittens that comes with a lace as these can not be pulled off easily by the kids. Kids generally tend to remove the mittens as they wave hands and legs very much in their early days but it is very important that you use mittens that stay on your kids so that they don’t scratch themselves and it keeps warm too.


Tops and Bottoms – (5 Pairs)

It is very essential clothing for new born while going out or to hospitals. It comes in various colours and types but make sure it is very soft with no scratchy edges which makes your kids uncomfortable.


Nursing Cover / Nursing Scarf - (1 in Number)

Muslin Nursing Scarf could be your favorite cover because its so easy and versatile. For casual situations where you need to feed your baby by covering, you must be extra cautious to make sure the cover is highly breathable which is highly recommended by the doctors to have your baby ventilated well while feeding. You will love that the muslin is super light and doesn’t cause you or your baby to overheat while nursing and you will absolutely just  love that its super absorbent so I can soak up any wayward milk or spit up without having to get out another towel. Muslin Nursing covers come very handy in such situations. The weave of the muslin is perfectly made to be extra breathable and the organic cotton is extra soft and the prints come stylish for modern mothers. If its windy or if you are somewhere where you feel the need to cover up more carefully, you can just tie it behind your neck or tuck it under a bra strap to hold it in place.

Bed in Bag – (1 in Number)

It is a very useful thing to have as  it helps your baby stay comfortable while changing and helps your baby not fall with the side pillows. It is easy to carry and helps a lot while traveling. Prefer buying bed in bag with cloths that can be changed.