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10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST
10% flat discount on your first order use coupon code TINYRABBITFIRST

Muslin Cloth

About Muslin:

Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. The muslin is mainly available in southern and eastern parts of India. With its distinctive patterns woven in layer by layer, was one of the Mughal Emperors most prestigious and lucrative exports. Early muslin was handwoven of uncommonly delicate handspun yarn.

The current day muslin weave is of squares or rectangles that helps the fabric more breathable, little stretchy, light weight that makes it perfect for swaddles. The stretch of the muslin is not of elasticity in nature but the type of weave that makes it stretch. The cotton that is generally used in muslin is of combed or super combed cotton. Such cotton helps in great strength, no lumps, extra soft in nature.

Muslin Baby Swaddles;

The purpose of baby swaddles is to keep baby feel safe, warm and secure. The baby swaddle should be of light in weight, breathable, keep warm, soft in touch, organic and safe colours. Hence the muslin swaddle.

Muslin swaddles at Tinyrabbit are made of selected yarn that is thin, strong, soft, Organic and is made to a swaddle using special weaving technique. Our muslin swaddles are Comfy, cozy and swaddled to perfection.

Muslin swaddles at Tinyrabbit comes in 2 sizes, 36” X 36” for easy wrapping and after bath wiping and 47” X 47” for comfy wrapping, carrying baby, for trolleys etc.


Muslin Blankets:

Muslin Blankets is an awesome apparel for kids. It’s extremely soft, warmth and breathable. Tinyrabbit aimed to making perfect muslin blankets that are 3 layered for extra warmth, but with thin and strong fibres of muslin makes the blanket very comfortable for the baby. its forgiving, it offers warmth but also breathability.
It has just a tiny bit of natural stretch because of its weave style. Its weightlessness makes it great for covering up a sleeping babe without disturbing him/her and it packs up super small, so shoving a 55’’x55’′ blanket folds/shrinks to 4” X 2” size makes it perfect fit in a diaper bag.


Nursing Cover / Nursing Scarf: 

Muslin Nursing Scarf could be your favourite cover because its so easy and versatile. For casual situations where you need to feed your baby by covering, you must be extra cautious to make sure the cover is highly breathable which is highly recommended by the doctors to have your baby ventilated well while feeding.

You will love that the muslin is super light and doesn’t cause you or your baby to overheat while nursing and you will absolutely just  love that its super absorbent so I can soak up any wayward milk or spit up without having to get out another towel. Muslin Nursing covers come very handy in such situations.

The weave of the muslin is perfectly made to be extra breathable and the organic cotton is extra soft and the prints come stylish for modern mothers. If its windy or if you are somewhere where you feel the need to cover up more carefully, you can just tie it behind your neck or tuck it under a bra strap to hold it in place.

Burp Cloth or Puke Rag: 

Muslin burp cloth is a very essential thing for new moms. Kids ‘spit up’ a lot in their early months after born. The burp cloth that you use to kids must be extremely soft to make sure they don’t cause rashes or make your baby uncomfortable.
You use burp cloth very often to you need to be extra cautious to have a softest burp cloth possible. Tinyrabbit Muslin burp cloths are the best as its super soft and made of Organic cotton, kids friendly colours and modern prints. Find the best Muslin Cloth products in our Muslin Collection