Paati Goes Viral - Chapter Book

Paati Goes Viral - Chapter Book

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About the book: “I’ve been calling you nonstop. Some actor shared our post about your grandmother last night and it’s gone viral now. It’s being forwarded, retweeted, and even being picked up by other publications. Now get up, call your Paati, and sit her down with your laptop!” In the next few minutes, my world as I knew it changed forever. Dhruv is as upset as his grandmother is to discover that her beloved camera, containing all her memories, has been lost on her solo trip to Europe. When she returns to India, she’s given up hope on ever getting it back. But Dhruv has a brainwave, something that could get people all around the world to help him lift her spirits. What surprises await his Paati?!

Age Guidance:

8-9 Years,9-10 Years,10-11 Years,11-12 Years,12-13 Years,13-14 Years,14-15 Years

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Fine motor skills,Language skills

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